Thursday, August 19, 2010


Lately, I have been spent most of my free time teaching myself how to use the program Adobe Illustrator.  The thought is that I could use this program to design custom murals for children's rooms. It is now possible to have custom photo quality wallpaper printed on demand, and I would love to be able to become proficient enough with this program to design an entire room on the computer and be able to install that design in a single day. I love this program. I am finally able to draw things exactly as the appear in my head. If I am patient, my illustrations can finally be perfect and easily reproduced. I just finished this design for a union shirt for the spiderman crew. I am thrilled with it. I think it might be the best illustration I have ever done.
Do create this illustration, I first draw it as best I can into my sketchbook, then I scan it into the computer and begin tracing it and building up layers of detail. i have such great control over the image on the computer that I can try each element, shape, or line 10 different ways and pick the very best. The finished product leaves my sketchbook in the dust.