Friday, November 6, 2009

Letter 2 the Editor

It was suggested that I separate my bullet points into groups and have one group per illustration.

The thought is that this would help all of us visualize the pictures that will be surrounding the text.

What do you guys think about that?

My thought was to write a story that could stand alone, with or without Illustrations. Then break the story up and illustrate it, but there is a good point in this suggestion that I had not considered.  

I really want this book to be beautiful, but I also want each element to further the story, not just sit next to it looking pretty.

If I decide to mentally illustrate it as I go, will I start to write for the illustrations?

Is that bad?

Should the story be able to stand alone (just text)? 

Can I rely on the pictures to fill in some of the details, keeping the chapters short and sweet.

Other than quick rough sketches, I do not want to actually illustrate the book until it is written, thoroughly edited, and strong enough to send to a publisher.  I want to use Illustrating as a reward for reaching those goals. Also, I may have to go back to school to improve my skills and that is something we cant afford right now.

It has been a slow week for writing, I need to get my butt back in gear.

Thanks 4 Reading

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Erin said...

Hey Andy,

Many bookstores have writing groups that allow you work with other writers to improve on and work out writing skills. I've always been tempted to go to one myself but I'm chicken. I know of a few that meet at Powells so I would imagine other stores around the country have them too. Anyway, might be a good inexpensive alternative to school for the interim. You don't necessarily have to take this project with you, you could always take some other sample writing.