Sunday, October 25, 2009

Getting Started

I have decided (for now) to skip the very long story of how my book got to where it is today.

I am very interested in moving forward, and have convinced myself to just jump right in.

This is scary for me because it does not allow me to justify my decisions. But, scary is what I need, and justifications of past actions tend to come out sounding like excuses.  So, no excuses, and no more delay. Here are some of the basics you should know about the book before I throw you into it.


This will be cross between a “Chapter Book” and a “Graphic Novel”.

Each page will be fully illustrated in full color from top to bottom.

The Text will be in small paragraph form placed within the illustrations.

On pages with a lot of action, there will be more than one illustration. (similar to graphic novel format)

Spoken words will remain in the small paragraphs (not in bubbles above characters)

It will read like a book but look like a graphic novel.

It will be told as a series of flashbacks.

The Narrator's identity and personality has not been decided yet, but "He" will speak from a third person lightly omniscient point of view.

The current action of the story will be simple. A woman running some errands on a Sunday afternoon.

That current action will be regularly interrupted by flashbacks of herself, her husband (who has passed) and most significantly, her grandchildren, and their adventures in her detached garage.

The story focuses on family, teamwork, and the power of imagination.

Every time the grandchildren use their imagination, the style of illustration will change from a very realistic gritty and muted pallet, to a bright, bold, comic book style.

Each chapter will be an adventure the grandchildren have together and will be able to stand alone as a bedtime length story.

Each chapter will have a lesson in it as well as a focus on teamwork and imagination.

Only when the book is fully assembled will the larger theme of family be visible.

My Next post will be a timeline. It is not complete yet, and tomorrow is Luzma's Birthday..... Wait. No Excuses... My Next Post Will Be A Timeline Of The Action Of The Story.  Expect It Soon!

Thanks 4 Reading,


Paulie said...

Proud of you! I know you have been brewing on this for so many years. It will feel so good to get things out and down on paper! We are here for support and inspiration! If you need a writing sabbatical, with beach and baby, you room is always available. Keep the blogs coming! I know you can do it!

Anonymous said...

Mama is crying... This is such a touching story! I love it already.
I would even if I was not your mama! Keep it up!

Erin said...

Brilliant! I think it's unique but also has mass appeal.

I once had a series of books as child called The Value Books, and each one taught a value using a person from history. They are still my favorite books. I love that you'll be including a lesson.

What is the age group you tend to target?

Again Andy, it's brilliant! I read the time line also and can tell you've had a lot of thought go into this already. Does it keep you awake at night yet?

Alyssa said...

Have you read "The Invention of Hugo Cabret"? That may not be the exact title but it's close. It seems your suggested format is similar to this book. Check it our from the library. My 5th graders loved it!